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A Bunch Of New Experience

Wednesday August 10, 2011

So out of the blue, three weeks ago I got a text message from my good friend Nathan Kostechko telling me to get on the first plane I could to Athens, Greece, to go sailing the Greek Isles with him and his girlfriend Arrielle  for 3 weeks. It seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime, and it ended up being just that. I boarded the Altair on the island of Santorini and the trip started. We spent the next 17 days going from island to island sailing, partying, snorkeling, drawing and basically living the dream. After that we went to Paris for a few days and hung out which was a whole other treat in itself. This was my first major vacation since I started tattooing and I guess the reason I'm posting this is that it helped me realize we all need to decompress and step back from life a bit to change our perspective and see whats really important. A huge Thanks to Nate and Arrielle for the experience it will be something I will always remember. 

That being said, Im back and ready to rock and roll. I just found out I will be working the Hell City Phoenix  convention in Phoenix, Arizona August 26th-28th. I still have openings for people wanting to get tattooed there. After that its on to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Hancock Mass, September 15th-18th, I also still have time at this show on Saturday and Sunday. I will have prints of my paintings and the book Cranial Visions for sale at both these shows. 

   Also keep an eye out for the remodeled version of my website that will be launched in the next month or so. It is going to be alot more involved with my lifesytle and  the things Im doing personally as  opposed to being a strictly buisness site. There will be an area where i show what things inspire me to do what I do and alot more of a blog style front page so you can all see whats going on with me and my travels.