Jeff Johnson tattoos

New York Guest Spots

Sunday July 22, 2012

Last night i went to Sullen Art Collectives "Art Driven" show in Orange County. The show was awesome. There was alot of really great art there and TONS of people hanging out. after the show we went to the after party a a local bar and had a blast. It was a gret night filled with great artists.  I am completeing a couple commisioned paintings and tattooing locally here in southern California for the rest of the month and the first week of August, then its off to New York for a few guest spots. The first shop I will be guesting at is Graceland Tattoo in Wappinger Falls New York,August 14-15th. I have been lookin forward to Making it to graceland for quite a while and really look forward to hanging out with Adam and the boys for a couple days. After that I will be at SacredTattoo in New York city the 16-17 of August  another great shop I really look forward to guesting at. I still have time available at both of these locations to tattoo, so contact me if your in the area and are interested in getting work done. I have been stayin super busy here in Southern California but still have a couple days open before I leave for New York so get while ya can! Here are a few tattoos I started this week....... until next time.....