Jeff Johnson tattoos

New York And Beyond...

Thursday August 16, 2012

My summer trip has been going great. I started out flying into New York to hang out with my good friend and fellow tattooer Nathan Kostechko. He introduced me to a great bunch of guys that are extemely talented tattoo artists at Thicker Than Water Tattoo in New Yorks East Village. If your into traditional styled tattoos you should definetly check these guys out. The next couple days I commuted between New York City and Wappingers Falls in Upstate New York. In Wappingers Falls I guest spotted at another great shop called Graceland Tattoo. I want to thank Adam Lauricella and all the guys there for being so welcoming and getting me booked. i had a blat there and di one tattoo in particular that I am really stoked on. (see gallery)I am now doing my second guest spot fro the trip at Sacred Tattoo in New York City. I just arrived and Ill let ya know how it goes as the next couple days progress. This is my first time spending any amount of time in New York, and I havr nothing but good to say about it. Thios city and the people in it have been great.

Next up I head to Italy and Jump on the Altair for a couple weeks vacation sailing between Italy and France. Keep an eye out for pics and updates.