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Home For a While then BAck to Santa Cruz

Tuesday October 23, 2012

  Its been quite a bit since Ive updated this blog section.  Since my last trip to Europe Ive been staying in the states for a while tattooing a bunch, and traveling the west coast. I got to spend 4 days up in Portland Oregon. While in Portland I went to see Further play and got to spend a few days with a bunch of really good friends for Dylans surprise birthday party. After spending a week tattooing in southern California I jumped on the motorcycle and headed to Santa Cruz CAlifornia for a wee to visit friends and guest spot at FU Tattoo. I had a great time at FU. everyone that works there is great and I got to do some fun tattoos. I plan on visting FU Tattoo regularly for a while. If your in the Santa Cruz area and would like to get work done please email me for appointment info. 

  Now its back to buisness as usual in Southern California.  Ive been working on a bunch of really fun large scale work that will be finished up soon so keep your eye on the gallery to check them out. I also added a few newphotos  to the Recent Tattoos and Recent art galleries here on the site. I am booking into November at the time being and still have some availabilities. 

     I also just found out I will be attended Shane Oniell's  Best in the Mid West Tattoo Convention  in Iowa Febuary 8-10 email me for appts. Until next time.....